Country Quiz Revamp

Published Aug 1, 2023


Hi out there. This week i became tired of looking at my country-quiz game. Therefore i decided to give at new coat of paint.

This is not a small update. Most of the code has been rewritten. The site is now using React and Typescript. I have also added a new design and some animations.

The site is still hosted on the same domain name and can be found at

About the game

The game is a simple quiz game. The user is presented with a flag and has to type in the name of the country.

This list of countries is fetched from the rest countries API. The API has a lot of information about each country, which i am not using.

Since it is not trivial to get the latest list of all countries. This list is cached for up to a week in the local storage.

Over 200 countries to be guessed and a (very) simple points system.


Here is a list of the improvements i have made to the site.

  • Typescript
  • Upgraded Rest Countries API to v3.1
  • New design
  • Animations (Framer motion)
  • Vite (Quicker deployment)
  • Caching of countries list to reduce API calls (Local storage)

Why React and Typescript?

Even though i love svelte and svelte kit, i quite like packages like framer-motion for creating satisfysing animations. Therefore i stuck with react for this project.

Svelte kit has a lot of similar features built-in, which i would like to explore further in the future.

Also, since this is a true single page app, there is no need for complex routing or server side rendering.


Hope you check it out!

See ya. 🦉

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